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Default Re: Never thought I would say this

[quote="DayvidB"]...But the lines could have helped here, they could do more overnights in some ports and let people really experience the places they are visiting...[quote]

We have posed this question before and again it was thought that the loss of revenue by the cruise line was the reason we could not have one or more nights in certain ports. Now we were not referring to the Caribbean for that is a specific tropical experience aboard or ashore. But cruises with a longer duration with unique places have a different calling. While we enjoyed the cultural exhibits during the day tours, the evening we spent in Shanghi on our own was a wonderful adventure, enjoying the local cuisine and happening upon a local cabaret with a live show, adding so much to our memories of our visit to that city.

The net loss to the line was probably no more than a couple of cocktails for, as mentioned, the Casino with it's none existent returns has not been our calling for years. And the dinner that we passed up most probably found it's way into a soup or something. And if additional port fees are required to stay over in port then we would gladly pay them to be able to see such aspects of these far away places.
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