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Originally Posted by JulieOregon
You mean spend your money! How am I saving money not getting a roommate? Geez you guys sure must have had some awful roomates...everyone suggests booking an expensive single cabin.
Julie we don't want to discourage you to choose a roommate to save on costs, by all means go for it. Even I have thought about saving a couple hundred bucks for a week cruise by choosing an unknown person to share my cabin but the risk is too great . . . for me anyway.

I had roommates in the past that I've gotten along with though they were not on cruises they were on resorts which was way too expensive so I tolerated their little quirks. When you take in a roommate there should be instant respect and compromise from 2 or even 3 strangers depending on how much you want to save on a room. I personally don't want to share my safe with a stranger and I assume he doesn't either. I also don't want to tell someone I am an earlybird/nightowl or what types of habits I have or to hear his or yet find out on my own. Yes, I am willing to pay close to or double the amount for peace of mind.

If I do take on a cabinmate on a cruise it will be a close friend or relative that can "watch my back" with the cost of saving me money.
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