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This is the part that gets me...

Whereas sexual violence, the disappearance of passengers from vessels on the high seas, and other serious crimes have occurred during luxury cruises on numerous occasions, as evidenced by the congressional testimony of the President of the International Cruise Victims Association, Kendall Carver, and Ms. Laurie Dishman during a March 27, 2007 hearing before the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives;

Ummm... who exactly qualified these people to be experts on what happens on cruise ships. Yes, they have their own personal experiences, but how does that make them experts on the entire industry?

It's congressional showmanship - publicity-seeking. What congress person wouldn't want to say "we stood up to foreign entities in the interest of American sex crime victims?"

The problem is they don't understand the first thing about the cruise industry or how it works. They don't get that cruise lines are American companies that contribute 35 billion to the US economy yearly.

When Matsui and Shays, both of whom admitted they had never been on a cruise, envision a cruise ship they see Johnny Depp as the captain.

No matter what, these "honored" people were still the victims of just two incidences, only one of which was a crime (which was never prosecuted due to lack of evidence). And both occured years ago. Since then some 30,000,000 people have cruised. Where are all the subsequent reports of rampant crime? Don't you think that of there were even 100 cruise crime victims in 2007 that we would be hearing from them? Even 10? Where are they?

You would think a congressperson would be smart enough to recognize the difference between a few isolated incidences and a crime wave. Apparently not.
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