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Originally Posted by cherylroy
They didn't count my first couple off cruises - the last of those couple being 1980 (and I had a picture). However......I have since then been on several and my next one is the 'platinium' cruise! YIPEE!!!! The silver card!! With perks (I'm gonna love the laundry perk!)
I just left my first Platinium cruise. Platinium rocks!!! There are so many perks that it is almost too much attention.

The one perk I didn't use was the laundry service. It was only a 4 day cruise and my cruise clothes are very bright and colorful and I didn't know what temperature they wash in and how much care they take in getting the clothes clean. Hence, I just didn't bother with the laundry service. However, the Platinum debarkation perk was awesome. I left my cabin at 7:30 to go to the main theater to meet other Platinium self-debarkators. I was walking down the street away from the ship at 7:50. In fact, once I walked out of my cabin, I literally never stopped moving except for the 15 seconds it took for Customs to scan my passport. Same deal with embarkation.

Platinum rocks!!!!!
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