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Default QM2 Dress Code - Confliciting Advice

Hi everyone.

I will be travelling transatlantic on the QM2 for the first time, Southampton to New York.

Is it alright to wear an above-the-knee structured cocktail dress on formal night?

This isn’t one of the dresses I was going to bring, but imagine something similar.

(You have to copy the above url and paste into another window or tab of your browser).

I have heard elsewhere on the internet that one absolutely must wear a long dress on formal night, and that you will be ostracised if you don’t. I find that odd as I have been to very dressy events – in New York and London – and women wore short dresses.

In my cruise documents, the photos all show women in dresses down to the floor – but they all seem to be 60-70+, so I wonder if the rule is for that age group only, for women who are at the age where they feel they really shouldn’t be showing their knees

I am in my early 40s and in good shape, and feel comfortable showing off my legs.
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