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Originally Posted by ScurvyDog
Originally Posted by sgtmomret
Note they must be at least a 7 day cruise to count.
You might want to recheck that info. If correct that is a recent change.
Nope,,,they ALL count! That's the excuse Carnival gave me when I questioned why they required 10 cruises to get to Platinum, when most other lines only required 5. They said that many of their passengers take shorter cruises ie: 2,3,4,and 5 day, so they made the requirement 10 cruises. I suggested that they count the number of days sailed instead, but they didn't go for that. Once you get Platinum, you'll REALLY enjoy the perks. Lots of stuff, and respect from the crew that you don't hear about much. It's worth digging up old boarding passes, and pictures if you have to, to get to 10.

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