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Default New Cruiser Please Help

Hi, this is me and my girlfriend first time going to a cruise trip. We were first picked Carnival since its cheaper, unfortunately they require one of the passanger to be 25 or above. That leave us with Royal Caribbean which is nicer ship but a bit pricy. We decided to pick 7 days Western Caribbean with Liberty. We are so excited about this cruise experiences. Start looked at all the activities before we book the cruise lol. The more we look into it the more questions we got. We are still student we got a budget for this vacation there lots of questions would like to know before booking so we can spend our money wisely
1. Western Caribbean is it a trip worth going?
2. How to register for the shore excursions? What are their costs? Any external websites we can book excursion in a cheap price?
3. Which shore excursions are must see?
4. Can you do multiple shore excursions on one day? How the times are schedule?
5. Any extra or potential cost on the cruise?
6. Any fun activities, food, place are must see, must eat on the cruise?
7. How long will it take to get off the ship if tendered is required?
8. Can you get back and off cruise for dinning?
9. Tips require for dinning? If so what is the normal amount?
10. Any cruise info I did not ask and should be aware of?
Thank you for the help!
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