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1. Western Caribbean is it a trip worth going?
If you prefer water sport related ports. rather than shopping ports, the western is for you.

2. How to register for the shore excursions? What are their costs? Any external websites we can book excursion in a cheap price?

You can check what is offered on the RCI website, and book there, or get off the ship, and book with tour guides there, they will be less expensive.

3. Which shore excursions are must see?

Not sure exactly your itinerary is, but..The jeep tour in Coz is fun, in Jamacia I would book a ships tour there. Stingray City in Grand Cayman.

4. Can you do multiple shore excursions on one day? How the times are schedule?

I think most do one..usually an early am, and early afternoon are scheduled.

5. Any extra or potential cost on the cruise?
All liquor, soda, pictures, tips will be extra. Plus the Alternative dining restaurants.

6. Any fun activities, food, place are must see, must eat on the cruise?
The rock wall, flow rider if you are athletic:)

7. How long will it take to get off the ship if tendered is required?
You will be given a number, which they will call for tendering.Hope you get a low number..Grand Cayman is the only island you will need this.

8. Can you get back and off cruise for dinning?

9. Tips require for dinning? If so what is the normal amount?

For 2 people for a weeks cruise, figure $150.00. Your bar/soda tabs, will have a tip included on your bill.

10. Any cruise info I did not ask and should be aware of?

You will be asked to give a credit card, so all your purchases will be on the bill, including tips. Do you have an onboard credit, given to you by your ta? Pack a bathing suit and a change of clothes in your carry on..sometimes your luggage is not at your cabin as early as you might like..They do a great job, but sometimes it can take a while.

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