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Hey I just came back from our first cruise and we were also on a tight budget. We didn't do any excursions, but if you log in to RCI website they give you the prices and you can sign up for them there. We took $250 in our pockets and spent $90 on the ship (didn't drink alcoholic beverages, only one) and about $60 on shore. Now since we were on a budget, we only did one thing, we rented a double scooter for the day and it was like $50, but we got to ride around the island (Bahamas). We also didn't get to buy any souvenirs, but my family and friends don't care either way. So if you budget is as tight as ours was, it is doable. Drinks on the boat range from like $5 - $10. So yeah be careful with drinks. Also we had to pay to get our shirts pressed, since we can't bring an iron and they didn't have an ironing room, but it was cheap, at least I thought so. We got to buy a couple of pics. Food is free on the boat, so take advantage of that! You can do this on a budget. ;o)
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