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Everyone is different. I have been to Martinique 3-4 times and never had a problem. There are good tours to be had through the ship that would let you see some of the beautiful island that it is and still have time to be dropped off downtown Fort De France for shopping, etc.
To some, if the official language isn't English and there isn't a jewelry store every 12 feet, it's a bad stop, but as I said, everyone's different. I wouldn't mind at all going back and wouldn't be afraid in any way to go back.
Martinique is a beautiful island and to appreciate it you need to get out and see the countryside.
Go to their official website for a lot of useful info.
In 1902 a volcano erupted and wiped out a town called St. Pierre--almost 30, 000 people were dead in only a few minutes. One survived, a town drunk who was in the jail and was protected by the thick walls, etc. There is a museum, etc. at St. Pierre and the ruins and town itself are worth visiting.
I would go with a ships tour that showed you some of the island, stopped at St. Pierre and then if you want, drop off in Fort De France for some shopping.
But, this is just my opinion which isn't worth a nickel except to me.
Have a good trip regardless of whatever you decide .
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