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I have always packed the mini toilet paper rolls for my shore bag since the restrooms in Mexico and Europe either do not have it, or it is handed to you by the square. However, I think, next cruise I will just use one of the ziplock bags I always pack and fill it with my good TP from home or just use some from the ship. One less thing to buy.

I carry hand sanitizer spray and wet wipes as well as a small purse pack of paper toilet seat covers.

Lysol and Febreze now make a purse size spray that is easy to carry and I keep one in my purse at all times. Comes in handy in any bathroom and I loan it and recommend it to the young mothers using the diaper changing stations.

I have even thrown in a few hotel size soaps for port. Use them once and discard in restroom, or place in ziplock bag in port bag.

I don't take a travel alarm, I use my cell phone alarm clock and a wake up call from room service when they bring the coffee I order the night before.

The over the door shoe bag is nice and does not take up much space, but it does keep bathroom items organized.

I am afraid of bungy cords for the doors, so I pack a 1" by 12" round dowel. This fits perfectly in the door between the hinges to hold it open.

I do pack my own detergent in premeasured bags or small bottles, since I am allergic to TIDE and sometimes that is all the ship's laundry has to offer. I can stop this now though, since I am platinum and can send out my laundry free. I tag it "NO TIDE DETERGENT."

Highlighters and post it notes are great for the capers and notes.

All cruise docs, insurance, excursions, passports, etc. go into a see through plastic document holder and into my carryon shoulder bag, along with my camera, meds, makeup and a light sweater.

We carried a small insulated lunch bag with zip lock bags to Europe. Some ports just are too intensive to eat in port, so we just order a room service sandwich, put it in a ziploc bag and a piece of fruit from the breakfast buffet and have a quick little lunch on the run. Our cabin had a fridge, so we put a bottle of water and the sandwich in overnight to chill.

I found a small (12x16") bag with handle that folds up to a 4" square and put it in my tote bag for souvenirs. I also pack a couple of rain ponchos for port days. If we are beach bound, I bring my own, inexpensive, towels and don't worry about losing the Carnival towel or carrying around the weight of a wet Carnival towel.

I take a small power bar to recharge camera, phones and laptop (when I take mine), plug in hair dryers and curling irons as well.
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