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Originally Posted by vandutch
wow. I just got off the phone with the company. I explained that I was staying with some family there. They didn't ask about cruise ships at all. Anyways, the price difference was only $20 per person compared to the price of the cruise excursion.

CanCanCase, does that sound correct to you? very surprising. I was expecting $75 to $100 possibly.
I suppose so... Sometimes when a vendor gets an "exclusive" tour contract, they can dramatically reduce their rates for the cruise ships to allow a fair commission and not fear the competition. Since nobody else offers a similar tour with the extended trekking portion, I would guess this is the case.

Another good example is a 4-hour sport fishing tour... via Princess, it's $199, and if you call them direct, they'll still quote $199. The real savings comes into play when you realize you can call any of about 20 boats directly - at least a few are bound to quote you a much lower price for the same (equivalent) tour. In your case, there isn't another company offering an "equivalent" tour, so that may just be the way it is.

For $20 difference, I might opt to book via the cruise line, especially if time was short on either end of the tour.

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