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thanks for posting the prices... I will want to mostly just do quick emails. for example, I'll do an email in Outlook describing the day before, and attach 2-3 photos, then save it. I will answer any emails I got the day before. Then, I will connect to the Internet and click the SEND AND RECEIVE button. As sooni as emial is sent and any new stuff received, I'll disconnect from the Internet. So i'll only be connected for 1-2 minutes each time. And I'll only send email 1-2 times a day. that should keep the cost down.

Staying online actually l composing and replying to emails, that is the thing that takes up time. Better to compose offline, then just connect to send and receive.

The 60-minute plan will do for me for a 7-day cruise. I do want to stay in touch with my son and I can send an email to his cell phone for him to read wherever he is during the day with his dad.
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