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Originally Posted by Paul Motter

Go to the link above and scroll to the bottom. You will see CruiseMates door decorations you can download there. Or just use the following

Right mouse click the link (left) and select "save target as" to download it as a .tif image (this is a better quality, but larger file size: 1.2 MB) Should take 5 minutes with a 56k modem.

Note: on my computer it wants to save as a .tiff (an extra f) file. Change the filename to poster.tif before you save it it. When you print it, use "landscape" paper orientation.
Hey, Paul... Thanks a lot for the links! I really appreciate the link to the poster, and I will print it out.

I was planning on using more generic cruise-related art, for extra decorations, but I might just rethink that. I have plenty of time to figure out what I'm going to do, since we don't sail until 11/29.

I appreciate it.
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