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Good Morning Gang, thought I'd try to get in earlier before the work hits the fan!!

have a meeting at 9:00 a.m. so have some packets to put together but that'll take about 5 min. so I just wanted to say hey, hope everyone has a good day, and hopefully everyone is having great weather.

Kat- have your skies cleared yet ?

Everyone sounds like they've been doing pretty good, and talking about a lot of cruises - CQ - you've been talking a lot about RCCL, that was the first cruise line I went on, now, I'm missing it - I think I'll have to book something with them. It would be my 3rd cruise with them - I'll have to start looking into that!

Well, better get busy so I can get out of here on time today... hopefully I can check back in later..

Everyone have a great day!
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