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Originally Posted by katlady
Today Suckkkkkkked so hard and a lot and totally. You know when you tell people your concerns 8 Months ago!!!! and they finally realize it's a concern now. I asked my boss if I should use my invisibility to fight crime or for evil? What do you guys think? evil or fighting crime? So I decided wine wasn't strong enough I made some Lemoncello with Everclear, lemon peels and simple syrup so I mixed that with some diet 7up it's good.
I know what you mean. A YEAR AGO I brought up the issue of the way we extract data out of the data warehouse is flawed within the code that was written. The girl that wrote the query is the golden child of the group and says to me - Well I don't know any other way to do it. If you come up with the way to do it differently let me know and I will change it. In our meeting Monday - what do you think was one of the topics? You guessed it the flawed coding because it is now showing the problems in a larger volumn. HMMMMMMMM So my boss mentions that I brought this up a year ago and acknowledged yes I did. I sure didn't bother to add any more to that conversation. The outcome is she now has to investigate the impact it has had. She says it is not going to be too much but I already know it has had a larger than necessary impact.

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