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Default Re: Would you pay extra for a private cabana on deck?

Originally Posted by Trip
Holland America will have private cabanas on the deck of its next ship, the Eurodam, an unusual amenity for a non-luxury vessel. But in some cases the cabanas will come with a charge. Will you pay extra for a private cabana?

Have you rented a private cabana on Half Moon Cay?
Never rented a private cabana at Half Moon Cay only because I've never felt I needed one.

Would never rent a private cabana onboard ship ... at least not in those areas where the cabanas take away from space that should be public. I hear the cabanas on the Lido deck infringe on what used to be public space. Now there are not enough tables and chairs to go around, not as many loungers, not as much room to walk, etc. That's not fair, in my opinion. People should be entitled to certain public areas when they pay their fares, and now they are losing one of them.

On Half Moon Cay the canbanas don't take away from any "public space." You can forego renting one and you still have plenty of beach access, etc. No one is cheated out of what they paid for because someone else chose to rent a cabana. So I have no problem with them. But on the ship ... in a crowded area like the Lido deck where space is at a premium ... to put these things up and then charge for their use ... well, I think that just stinks. Frankly, I don't think they're going to last there. Maybe up on the observation deck they may be a hit, but I have a feeling they're going to be nothing but trouble on the Lido deck.

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