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Originally Posted by sassyredhat
I have a problem with 1 suitcase because I have durable medical equiptment that can't be carried in the small carry on.

The carry on has all the medications plus toiletries. I'm allergic to all the ship's stuff.

DH says my idea of roughing it is going without my hairdryer.

On the Delta web site under baggage, they allow an extra bag if you must bring medical equipment or supplies. I got a note from my doctor because I need to take a bags worth of stuff. I would imagine other airlines will have similar policies. I will put it in my and my DH carryons so what we would normally carryon will have to be checked!
Also, you might get all your stuff in one bag that weighs 65 pounds. What is worse the second bag charge or the overweight fee? I bought a small luggage scale at Target for $9.00. Doing laundry on a ship because you ran out of clothes just sucks.
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