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Originally Posted by Sherrie Platt
No one mentioned taking your oldest "undies" and throwing them out along the way. We have done this several times and frees up space for
Logically speaking, I'm very inclined to embrace this school of thought however, I find that when I travel abroad, I like to dress in my best - right down to foundation garments.
Unmentionables are just as important to me as a certain shirt or particular pair of shoes...especially when the wifey might be setting me up for a romantic interlude. A little lacy thong and a silk camisole would be much more prone to get my attention than a tattered brief and an expired t-shirt. And though I love to be on the receiving end, I like to reciprocate and wear alluring things for her as well.
The beauty of this is "less is so much more". A whole wardrobe of lingerie will fit in a handbag so space isn't an issue for us.
Nope, we don't chuck our gear - we use it to bamboozle each other.

Controlled and deliberate input, lest you chuck it all away!

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