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Default NCL Spirit July 20, 2008

I booked my in law's 50th anniversary party in Nov. 2007 on this cruise. We are traveling with 28 family members. We chose the Spirit because it was going to stop on their private island. They changed the itinerary back in February because of "jet propulsion issues" and they took out the private island and substituted Grand Bahama. No one was happy but we were all still excited. Now, just 2 days before the trip we got notification that they are taking Grand Bahama off the itinerary! NCL said we had one day to cancel. Now, instead of 3 ports we are only going to 2 ports. Everyone is already disgruntled. Is NCL KIDDING? Apparently their master plan is to keep booked passengers in the dark until it's too late to change our plans. I've been cruising for 40 years. I've been on at least 10 different cruise lines (some that don't exist anymore) I have NEVER been treated as poorly as I have by NCL. People have been writing about this since as far back as February. One person even noted that the ship will be in dry dock in November. Any one thinking about going on NCL... BEWARE THE ITINERARY CHANGE!
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