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Originally Posted by colorcrazie
I think that the motion of the ship is a bigger factor than the length of the cruise. And since they tend to use older, smaller ships for shorter cruises, you may find that the newer ship with newer stabilizer technology will result in less of a problem for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. This is one time when I really want to be right.
Thank you. Oh boy, I'm getting really excited now. I was a little concerned (obviously not too concerne or I wouldn't have booked another cruise)
On my last cruise, I started to get a little queezy... then I started thinking about all the money I spent to pay for this cruise...what was I going to do if I got sea sick... then I started giving myself an anxiety attack... I told my sis' quick where are the sea sick pills... we hurried back to the cabin and by the time we got there I was fine. And I was fine the rest of the cruise..
Want to hear the kicker?? We hadn't left the dock yet....
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