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Default Re: Alcoholic Drinks on Azamara Quest

Originally Posted by rosteve
Does anyone have a wine list for the Azamara Quest? We have read a review that said the cheapest bottle of wine is $40 and would like to check this out. Also, does anyone know how much the cocktails are in the bar; a Margarita or Pina Colada for example. Finally, we have also read that you can take 2 bottles of wine on board. Is this 2 bottles per person or per couple? Any information welcome.
I don't have a wine list but when we sailed on Journey, last December, we had a three or four bottles of wine and all were in the $35 to $60 range with only one over $45. There were many bottles in the under $40 but that was in December. It is possible they could have raised prices.

Mixed drinks are a bit more expensive with top shelf mixed drinks around $9 and martinis around $10 - $12.

I am not sure about the wine policy if it is per person or per stateroom.

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