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Default How Much Cash, and Travel Docs

Hi all!

I will preface this with the fact that our family usually vacations with our boat and camper. The last time we even got on a plane together was over 8 years ago, so the cruise preparations are pushing me over the edge!

It is our 20th wedding anniversary and we are taking our 14 and 10 year old on the Nickelodeon cruise in 3 weeks.

I have been lurking all over this site since we booked it, and now as we draw near, I have a few questions/anxieties:

1. We booked a little late, so the guy coordinating the cruise advised us that it was a little late for a passport - so we decided to go with our birth certificates. Lucky for me, I noticed in the cruise document that the hospital certificates are not the same thing (boy do I feel lucky/stupid!). So I just got done scrambling with ordering certified birth records over the internet through VitalCheck for my husband and kids. I do have an official record for me, though it is very old. Now I am worrying that we are going to get to the port and will not be able to board for some reason. Please make me feel better about this!

2. We have one credit card with a large limit, and no balance. I have notified them of our travel dates. We do not like to have a lot of credit cards so it has always been just the one. We also have a pin driven ATM card with plenty of $$ in the account. We will be gone for 7 days, excursions and soft drink cards are prepaid, we do not drink any alcohol (one drink is too much and a thousand is not enough), but we like to gamble. We prepaid our gratuity of 15%. How much cash should we bring (sounds like a story problem)?

Thank you Obiwans

Cruising Padawan Learner

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