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Default Re: Tipping above prepaid tips on the first night?

Originally Posted by Andrea007
One poster stated that in addition to the 10pppd autotips, he tipped his waiter 20 bucks the first night of the cruise, and received fantastic service, how many of you do this?
Tipping is something that is highly personal but tipping "above" the "autotips" is not expected or necessary.

I have never pre-tipped a waiter and have almost always had great service.

I have tipped additional, during the cruise, to crew, including waiters, who go above and beyond the "normal" duties or fulfilled special requests but I do not "grease the skids" just to assure good service.

I do believe that many people who "grease the skids" do so to make themselves feel more important rather than to assure good service.

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