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Originally Posted by cherylroy
That excursion is 400 per person??? OMG - we were thinking of doiing the same thing but don't have pricing yet on the site. It just has 4 $$ signs. I was thinking 200 - but 400? Guess we won't be going. How diappointing it is so expensive!!
Helicopter flight time is EXPEN$IVE!! Our new baby is due any day now, and I've got a Coastal helicopter on standby to come get me if I'm on the Can Can more than an hour away from Juneau... Is $1700 bucks worth it to me to be with my wife for the birth of our daughter... heck yeah! Is $400 per person (+) worth it for you to ride a dogsled on snow in August and see North America's largest ice-field? Only you can decide...

Everyone needs to remember that you're visiting places that have no roads out to the rest of the world. You can only get here by flying or boating, so it's only natural that our way of life revolves around these activities. Now, take the cost of a plane, large boat or helicopter, add in current diesel or jet fuel prices, and you're in for some expensive (but uncomparible) fun!

Happy Alaska Travels!
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