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Sherrie, was the visa question for me or for Snoozeman?

Snoozeman has answered the question with that it´s not possible now if the question was for him.

In case the question for for me, I´m just speculating and in the future I see no reason why a visa can´t be attached in a credit card type of passport. Since Swedish people normally don´t need a visa for entering the US I´m not sure what they look like but I assume that whey are written, printed, stamped and/or glued in on one of the pages in the passport. That work can be done on the embassy and then scanned and saved on the chip in the passport, and also in a database they have access to in the security area on the airport. The only problem I can see with that is what might happen if they have problems with their computers in the security area. It can also be filed on paper at the embassy so that they can call and check if something happen on the way
Erik in Sweden
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