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I agree with Sherrie, first they tell us that we have to check in certain things and then they say that we must pay extra to check in things! That make no sence for me.

I know that many things have to be checked in for security reasons but as long as we are forced to check in a bag (at least if we use shampoo, shaving foam, sun lotion etc.) I don´t think that it´s okey to make us pay for it.

Of course the airlines must make enough money but I think that forcing the passengers to pay for the first checked in bag is to go to far. Where shall the line be? I think that it´s okey to pay extra for food but not to use the toilet! If they make us pay for our luggage, why not let us pay a dollar to use the toilet? Why shall I have to pay for the toilet on the plane if I don´t use it? If I use the stairs in the airport, why shouldn´t those who use the elevator pay extra?
Erik in Sweden
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