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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did bring my credit cards along with the intention of purchasing a strand of the beautiful Tahitian Pearls. While we were in Tahiti we did shop for pearls but they were so expensive. I ended up purchasing a single pearl on the ship I'm not so sure it was a better deal but, we had quite a bit of ship credit so I decided to spend it on a pearl. Before going on the trip I was not a huge fan of pearls but while in the South Pacific I developed an appreciation for them. Of course I couldn't go home without at least one

Our trip was super, we couldn't have asked for anything more (except having more money) our travel mates (met here on cruisemates) were absolutley fabulous and the Tahitian Princess was great. We loved every minute of our trip, even the 4 days at sea. On the last day I realized I hadn't even had a chance to try the pizza. We were too busy eating the warm cookies in the afternoon mmmm I miss those. We can't wait for our next big trip (Greece). Hopefully, we can travel with our new friends we met here on Cruisemates. That's the plan anyway.

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