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Default Royal Caribbean to make cost-savings changes

"Too much of our profitability is being eroded by the increase in fuel prices. This is unacceptable and we are evaluating everything we can do to find ways to do it more efficiently and effectively," said Richard D. Fain, chairman and chief executive officer, in a written statement Monday.

What do you think Royal Caribbean might do to save money from increased fuel costs? They did not say "make more money," they said they are looking to handle their fuel costs more efficiently.

Other than complicated things like hedging, one of the things they could do is just USE less fuel. Can you see Royal Caribbean making shorter itineraries? Would you still sail on them.

Assuming when Oasis of the Seas comes out, what if they said a 7-night cruise would only go to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Labadee? An extra day at sea (where they travel at 5 knots) is added. Would you mind?

Or what if they said they were going to Key West, Nassau and Labadee?

Would it make much difference to you, or is the ship the destination?
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