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Hi Erik - GEE!!!!! we actually agree on something !! HeHe! Maybe we will
have to pay extra to carry our passports, too. (inside joke for Erik). I am
just a middle-class working wife and mother who - along with everyone
else except the very rich and the very poor - is supporting this great
country of ours not to mentiOn all the aid we Send to foreign countries.
My DH is self-employed and as such - can't reap the benefits of paid vacations, sick days, health insurance, 401 K,stock options, etc. The slow economy, a war I am totally sick of and
the state of taxation is forcing out middle class America - I DO NOT have a problem with any person, company or corporation making a profit.
GETTING NOTHING FOR MY HARD-EARNED EFFORTS AND MONEY.but excuses and higher taxes. Unfortunately, the candidates for our highest office leave
ALOT to be desired. God only knows what next year will bring!!!
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