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Congratulations on your impending wedding!

I'm fond of saying the only "stupid question" is definitely the one that never gets asked.

As regards the beds, we find Royal Caribbean's to be extremely comfortable! They are actually very thin mattresses and if you lift the bed cover and look beneath them, almost like camp beds with aluminum legs. I can't understand how they can be so comfortable.

They're only slid together to make a queen (and while there should be a noticeable "crack" in the middle, there isn't; at least none that we could feel). I don't know whether they put something in the middle to eliminate the crack or more likely, whether it's the way they're made up when together. I'm sure the entire ambience along with the gentle motion of the ship (we were on the Explorer of the Seas a month ago) is the reason I have never slept so well as when we're cruising.

Best wishes for a grand honeymoon cruise!

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