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Glad I had my fill of lobster on the Explorer last month! That will be truly missed!

I personally cruise for the ambience of the ship itself, ports of call are secondary.

I would most strongly urge against cuts that directly effect the passengers' experience aboard ship. Already, there are more than enough comments along the lines of "Oh how I miss the days just a few years ago when we enjoyed (whatever) that's now gone forever."

As we've only sailed on Royal Caribbean, I have nothing with which to compare our experience as regards other lines. Sadly, if Royal Caribbean isalready extremely efficient (and with Richard Fain at the helm, I don't see how it could be otherwise), I can't see how they could make substantial "passenger friendly" cuts other than with itineraries.

I agree with Diamond member's posting that the mega ships probably offer the greatest return on the investment. But one must remember, they also bear the highest operational costs when all factors are considered.

While I personally wouldn't want to be in Fain's shoes , I fully understand this is why he makes the big bucks and I for one, can't even begin to think of someone who could do better for Royal Caribbean. The man has an absolutely brilliant business sense and never loses sight that ultimately, he must please the consumer.

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