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We'll be taking a Mexican Rivera cruise, flying into LAX on a Friday and then sailing from the Port of Los Angeles in Long Beach on Sunday. I'm not at all familiar with the area, so does anyone have any suggestions where we should stay Friday and Saturday night?
Your post is a little confusing in that there are TWO cruise ports in the Los Angles area - the Port of Long Beach (Carnival) and San Pedro (which is the Port of Los Angeles) where the rest of the cruise lines dock.

The dock in San Pedro (Berths 91 thru 93) is essentially walking distance from one nice hotel (Crown Plaza) and a motor inn (The Sunrise). There are lots of interesting things to do by walking in the downtown San Pedro area, including the Maritime Museum, tour the Lane Victory (old WW II era freighter), good restaurants, Ports of Call. The hotels by LAX are typical airport hotels, except that they tend to be large and not in such a great area. Downtown San Pedro has some problems with a bad element, but things are good in the daytime.

If you are cruising on Carnival, you will be next to the Queen Mary, which I think still operates as a hotel. There are numerous hotels within one or two miles from the cruise dock in downtown Long Beach. Not much historical stuff to see in downtown LB, but lots of nightlife on Pine Avenue, although it caters mostly to the younger crowd.
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