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I would absolutely stop sailing RCL if they started charging for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was shocked when they started adding "pay for" pastries and such. But - I make the choice to purchase them or not.

I have gone to the specialty restruants but if they got rid of them, I wouldn't be upset. I enjoyed my experience (but I also won it as a price and have never actually paid for this) but don't know if I'd pay for it.

Cuts in the extremely high salaries of some of the Executives might be a start! There are some positions that are grossly over paid!

Cut back on some of the show productions might help. I like the comedies, magicians, and things like that. But the large singing and dancing productions are about the same on all ships. Yawn!

I don't mcuh care what they do about ports of call. I enjoy the sea days just as much or more then the port days. However, if they did all shorter cruises, some other cruise line would have my business. I enjoy longer cruises. I could do short B2B's but I'd rather just do the longer cruise.

I would think, instead of cutting back on commissions to smaller agents, they should cut some of their own agent staff. Why pay unemployment comp., insurance, etc. when there are thousands of agents working for other companies who are willing to pick up the slack.
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