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Default Re: Onboard ship credit?

Originally Posted by gcue
Is there any way of using our travel agent to try to get onboard credit for our cruise? I had read somewhere that a travel agent could call the cruise line and say that if we like the cruise we are likely to go on another with the same cruise line. So that might be incentive for the cruise line to issue onboard credit.

Does this ever work? Do you have any other advice on how to get onboard credit?

Since we already booked the cruise, am I just being greedy now? I guess I thought, "Might as well try."

In manyl instances the onboard credits come out of the agents commission. (aka:their pocket)

It is best to negotiate everything upfront rather than come back "after" the deal and ask for more. How would you like it if the agent called back and asked for $50 more.

If, at a later time, the cruise line is offering a shipboard credit there is nothing wrong in asking your agent to check and see if it's available for you. Just be aware that many offers are for "New Bookings Only".

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