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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
That's funny, I never heard that perspective on EDLs. They are used by border states like WA or AZ where we have a lot of people at land crossings, instead of passports, but the fact that they are as good as a passport at landings in states other than the ones issued in I perceived as a benefit.

Am I missing something?

Sorry, Erik, we are getting a little off-topic here, but obviously the whole US border security issue is still in flux and just now starting to get the kinks worked out.
Many states have rejected the REAL ID and the EDL (which is another way to back door REAL ID) format for licenses. The federal government is playing the heavy hand and trying to force implementation. It had originally been required by June 2008, now it is 2017.

Do a Google of REAL ID and there are many references to the issue.

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