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I wondered where that thing about cutting out lobster came from. I have no idea.

Peoplesuggest it is farfetched to cut out the main dining rooms, buffet and production shows on ships, but as far as I know that is exactky what NCL plans tro do on their new F3 ships coming in 2010. I am not sure about the buffets, but they are cutting out the main dining rooms and main theater.

This is NOT the same as saying they will charge for all meals - I know that is not true, however, they will have more dining options for a fee and also ENTERTAINMENT options FOR A FEE on these ships. It isn't entirely impossible to think cruising could change that much.

Still, Royal Caribbeans strategy will be to command higher fares for Oasis to cover the fuel costs - they won't make it up in food. The only way I see them drastically changing itineraries is if they can't get those higher fares (but I am sure they will, unless the economy just poops out).

They still have other ships to worry about, though. One ironic thing of introducing beautiful new ships is it makes their other ships dated - possibly before their time.

The Voyager class ships are still years ahead (design-wise) of anything other cruise lines are doing, but by Oasis standards they are going to seem ordinary. That will affect pricing on Voyager-class ships.

They are obsolescing their own product as much as the competitions'.
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