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Default Belize Port Was A Blast!!!!!!!!!

Just got back from Carnival Western Caribbean Cruise. We did all our excursions through Carnival, with the exception of the Belize Port. When we got at the Belize port there were so much things to do, we all got confused. We had a really hard time deciding what excursion to book. We met a family that had booked the cave tubing and zip line with a private company ( Action Boys Belize ). It was interesting. I spoke to my family about it and decided that we will go for it. We followed the group to their tour guide. His name is Donald Ramirez. I asked if he can accommodate my family. He answered, as I quote: " we don't usually do last minute bookings, but it appears as if your family really want to have a good time. Lets go." We entered the van and off we went. Donald was driving whilst Melanie narrated the history of the Belize people. When some one asked a question that was difficult for Mel, she would ask Donald to answer. They worked verry good as a team. When we arrive at the zip line site there was a very long line. Donald said, don't make the line be your problem. I will deal with that. He shouted to the group: " just follow me." He lead us to the front of the line and we were assisted with our gears. The zip line was a killer. It felt so good going through the air doing about 45 mph. After the zip line we started our hike through the rain forest. As we hiked Melanie pointed out medicinal plants and told us about the use of the caves by the Maya. The cave tubing lasted 45 minutes. The river was a bit fast, but Melanie had us together. The underground river was refreshing. The darkness didn't bather us because we were isued with headlamps. At a point Melanie asked us to turn off our lamps so we may see how dark the caves were. The water fall in the caves is beautiful.

We had a really great time in Belize thanks to Mr. Donald Ramirez and Melanie. Their company's name is Action Boys Belize They can be googled, and their site can be found by the company name.

Highly recommended
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