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Default help please for a future first timer purser on CCL

hi! I'm a noob on this forum and on cruises as well . so pardon me if I'm asking something that has been aswerd earlier. I'm wondering about the uniforms for pursers on Carnival. Do we have to buy them; and where can we do that? I read about the shop in Florida; but I'm not shure will I be there for my college and I need the uniform for that. some of the people I've been talking to have said that you can buy everithing onboard; some say you need to bring your uniform and shoes with you. not sure will I get the right kind of uniform on shore so it would be great to be able to buy it onboard.

another thing; the formal nights... do I have to attend that and do I need to take a civilian suite with me so that I can mingle with people or will the night uniform be enough...

tnx a lot!
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