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It's a pleasure to meet you elf and dottiel!

You both have been very helpful, and have eased my mind, and I thank you.

I've never used my credit card to purchase anything online, and I'm a bit hesitant to do that. When I paid for the cruise with my credit card, I did it over the phone.

I did an online search for shore excursions and of course there were Tons of sites listed that you can book through. I had no idea which site to choose.

Elf, dottiel, do you have the URL of particular sites you use to book online, so I can take a look? I'd be more comfortable booking online using a site you recommend.

We're going to Key West, CocoCay, and Nassau. We don't want to book so many things in any one place to the point we're running around all over the place meeting deadlines. We've decided what we want to do in the different ports, now it's just a matter of booking.

As I STILL don't have my documents, I didn't know what all will be coming in the mail. The information the two of you have provided me let's me know what to look for.

I called RCCL last Sunday and the lady told me my documents were mailed last Friday. I've been checking the mailbox everyday! Nothing but bills and junk mail! How long does it take mail to get from Florida to Ohio??? I'm getting impatient. The RCCL lady told me to call them if I haven't received the documents by the 1st of Aug. The RCCL lady also said Not booking through them would give me more excursions to choose from, and better deals.

I sure hope my document booklet lists all the excursions!

This trip will be alot of firsts for Dale and me. First time flyers (I'll be a White knuckle flyer like my mom). First time cruisers. For me, first time to go to Florida.

I am sooo excited!! ONLY 37 more days till our cruise!!!

My hubby.....He's a keeper!


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