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Originally Posted by kerryJ
I've never used my credit card to purchase anything online, and I'm a bit hesitant to do that. When I paid for the cruise with my credit card, I did it over the phone.

I have purchased many things over the internet and I have never had a problem. But to be on the safe side I always use my credit card and not my debit card. If any funny business were to happen the credit card company would protect me, not so much with the debit card.

If you go to the royal Caribbean website and put in your reservation # you can see all of the excursions now before your booklet shows up in the mail. We booked 2 excursions through RCI online and it was so easy and the tickets were in our room when we got there. It was one less thing to worry about. I heard people in the elevator complaining about trying to get excursions while they were on the boat and it sounded like a hassle.
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