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Ketchikan, is often a short port (not there long). I did the village tour, and enjoyed it. You can do it alone or combined with the lumberjack show. People who went to the lumberjack show all came back with good things to say about it. For me I wanted a little time to walk around town.

I'm returning next month and will be doing the other tour I wanted to do... The Deadliest Catch crab tour.
The boat is from the first season of the show, however has been modified to take passengers out to see first hand how crabbing is done. The big difference is the waters here are MUCH safer.

Juneau, is another short port... one of the best excursions I've ever been on was there! Defiantly go whale watching.

These are little towns with big ships, I would suggest that you book before you leave.
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