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Well. just to give another point of view - you don't have to book shore
excursions for all the time you are ashore. Your ports are pretty easy
and you can enjoy a lot of the islands just by walking around - you may
want to consider hiring a private van or taxi (many are at the pier and
are usually much cheaper than the shore excursions through the ship).
hiring. Also, try to pay at the end of the tour. If you take one of these
private vans/taxis - I would suggest doing this in the morning so getting
back to the ship is not an issue. There are some attractions that you
definately want to book through the ship for ex. "Swim with the dolpins"
or "Sting-ray City". They book up very quickly. Coco Cay is the private
beach and you pretty much relax, enjoy the ocean, and can do water
sports/activities if you want. Just don't over schedule yourselves - I think
a lot of "first timers" think they have to be busy every minute/everyday
- RELAX and enjoy the ship at your own pace. Best advise - Twice as much money - Half as many clothes !!
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