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Default Re: Which independent tour companies, Karen 16?

Originally Posted by Novice Senior
Karen, we're in the initial stages of planning what we hope to be for our family of 15 the trip of a lifetime to Alaska in 2010.

Because it's our treat we must choose our tours carefully.

Which tour companies have you used and would recommend?
I'd sure appreciate any leads you might offer.

This will be our 45th anniversary. There will be 7 wondergrandchildren ranging in age from 4 to 12.

Thanks in advance for any help to a long range dreamer and planner. I've called the lines we're interested in and dates and prices won't be posted until this time next year. It will be round trip from Vancouver.

You are a LONG way off, making plans for 2010, so I suggest you just continue to do your homework rather than narrowing down the choices now. They just about, will change over time.

I suggest, you NOT look at "group" bookings, no way will this big group all be on the "same Page" with the high cost of tours, I instead each chose their own. Since you are "paying", another better suggestion, I have would be for you to perhaps, offer a dollar amount for each person. THEN they can use it as desired. Perhaps, doing a costly flight in one port and a great free walking tour in another. I see no point in "compromising for so so tours, just because the group is going. Tours are too excellent to miss if of interest, and too costly to consider if being dragged along.

As for tour operators- you need to determine WHAT tour you want first. Then find a vendor. I never use booking agents etc, and always go direct to the vendor. This establishes a relationship, gets your booking in order accurately, and answers all your questions direct.

Just my two cents.
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