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Well, we just got back from our cruise. I am SO disappointed. The quad rooms are really triples with a pullout couch...which I guess is ok except that it pulls out right into the pathway to the outside door and bathroom. As far as I am concerned, that is a safety violation/issue. No, there are not two bunks in the room, just one overhead. I don't think I could list all of the disappointments here. Knowing the ship has problems severe enough to alter itineraries should be enough to put the ship into early drydock, as far as I am concerned. AND, I think NCL should sell the triple as a triple and not try to squeeze a quad out of it. Again, it's a safety issue. I will NEVER travel with NCL again. I have never felt as UNSAFE on a cruise as I did on this one. A few examples, they NEVER brought an infant life jacket to my room for my 18 month old, no clear path to the door in case of emergency, hot food was cold... cold food warm. Towels left on floor to be washed, rehung without washing. Oh, I could go on...but I won't.
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