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The poster stated clearly:
Knowing the ship has problems severe enough to alter itineraries should be enough to put the ship into early drydock, as far as I am concerned
No one can deny the Spirit has some extremely small staterooms and I definitly agree that the quad cabins on the Spirit are extremely crowded (no balcony quads are available on the Spirit) and I pity anyone who has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, as the pull out sofa blocks the exit from the sleeping area. So you have to stradle and climb over whoever was unfortunate enough to have to sleep there. You are very limited on your options if you need a quad on the Spirit.

I also agree that the ship should have been pulled out of service and put in drydock. Yes there would have been one or two cancelled cruises, instead of altering peoples itinerary for almost a year's time, until they can do it during the drydock already scheduled for November. The way they went about notifying their customer's especially during the first 4-5 months really stunk too.

There is no excuse for the room steward to not provide a child's size life preserver. From her comments it sounds as though she had a lousy room steward as well.

I do find many positives about the Spirit and have cruised twice in a quad, but if someone gets on expecting to have an inside cabin the same size and approximate layout as other cruise ships of other lines like Carnival, RCCL etc... is understandable why they would be a little shocked and disappointed at the size of the quads on the Spirit. We were fortunate to have gotten one of the rare oversized rooms on the Spirit the last time. Unfortunately it was so loud from the trolleys overhead going through the buffet into the wee hours of the morning (it sounded like a roller coaster overhead) luckily I was able to make do with earplugs, but they did offer to move us into another room to try to help us out, but when we looked at the other room it was so small, you had to step out in the hallway to change your mind. We were on the ship for two weeks and had a blast in spite of it all, but I can see how the poster's experiences could color their perceptions.
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