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Default Cruising to Bankruptcy

I was perusing some other boards (yes I do wander ) and noticed some threads regarding how people choose and pay for their cruises.

The things I noticed were:

People have multiple cruises on their credit cards. Even cruises they have already taken.

People book cruises without telling their significant others, husbands or wives (wives do this more than husbands). They don't tell them until final payment so they can't cancel without penalty. This would be grounds for divorce in my house if either of us did this.

Certain people find that cruises are more important than home repairs or upgrades.

Others take out "loans" and use cars or motorcycles as collateral to go on cruises.

I could not understand the logic behind any of these things. I love cruising but not at the expense of "short term pleasure" over "long term debt/pain".

With anonymity of the Internet I wonder if anyone has done some of these things in order to cruise or know someone who has? Or could someone explain the reasoning behind this in a way that I could understand the logic behind it.

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