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Hi Sherrie,

We're staying a the Courtyard Mariott Beach. We're flying down the day before the cruise (hubby's idea). RCCL is suppose to pick us up at the airport and take us to the hotel. Then they pick us up at the hotel the next morning and haul us to the ship.

We're scheduled to leave Ohio at 7:30am. We're an hour and 15 min. from the airport!!! Looks like we'll be staying the night before at a hotel in the city, cause I ain't gettin up at no 3:30 am to be at the airport two hours before we depart!!!

I didn't think of calling the cc company to give them our ports of call. Thanks!

Something else. We're not planning on spending alot on trinkets and such, but we don't really have any idea how much money to take with us. A ballpark figure would be helpful. We've gotten alot of advice from family and friends......"use travelers checks", "use your credit cards", "take cash". Okay. Which is best? We're allowing cash for gratuities, I've already told RCCL we'll take care of the gratuities ourselves. I've figured out the gratuities using the standard guidlines and it's in the old budget.

We aren't big drinkers (alcohol or soda), so we won't have a big expense there. We're ice tea and water drinkers. There's no extra expense for those two beverages. One alcoholic drink a day is my limit!

We're allowing $200 for the casino....and That's It! No More! Well, unless we win.

We're both doing the massage onboard. That's about it. We'll use the cc some, but probably not for everything.

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