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Default Re: Tour company for Yukon trip from Skagway?????????


Originally Posted by You
KKanji posted on June 19, 2008 the following:

In th elonget trip you get to go (after the Summit) to Carcross and Emerald lake. The complete return trip by rail and then Bus is only $174.5 Cost: $174.30 Adult $114.45 Child (12 & Under)
Lunch: Caribou Crossing Trading Post/Yukon Wildlife Museum/Husky Puppy Camp/Lunch Included
Itinerary: Skagway/White Pass Summit /Fraser by train - 1 3/4 hours on train to Fraser, Fraser to Carcross & Emerald Lake and return to Skagway by bus

This looks very interesting. Does anyone know which tour company offer this tour so that I can book direct with them?

Thanks for your help.
I would seriously recommend booking this tour as a shore excursion, as it's a "full day" trip that's going a considerable distance from the port of call. If the ship's shore excursion gets delayed by traffic or weather, the ship will either wait for it or make alternative arrangements to get those on the excursion back aboard. If a private tour gets delayed in the same way, you get to pay your own transportation (in Alaska, that means air fare) to the next port of call and your own accommodations and meals until you rejoin the ship. The difference is not worth the risk.

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