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I whent nowhere for 15 years because there was no money for anything but food, clothing (barely), and shelter. I now have the means and determined saving for my retirement is useless (unless I want to take 50% of my take home pay each year for the next 10 years to get caught up to where I should be at in RSP savings). I decided to take the money and pit in away for cruising.

My payments are made as soon as they show up on when I check online banking. The credit card companies only make money on me with purchase protection insurance (a few dollars a month). I always carry a zero balance month to month!

One woman I chatted with on the Triumph was on the 10 year plan for her university education and gladly charged and spent money she didn't have on a cruise. I would never do that...I can dream and look at pictures/videos as a reminder!

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